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Halitosis Treatment

Almost everyone worries about their breath at one point or another. After a meal full of garlic or onions, we all reach for mints to make sure we don’t have any embarrassing moments due to bad breath. When bad breath is long lasting, it can turn into a more serious condition known as Halitosis. Chronic bad breath or Halitosis can affect one's social life, cause relationship problems and even have an impact on the sufferer’s career.

Bad breath is caused when gases are excreted from bacteria that feed on microscopic materials in the mouth. Even fleeting moments of bad breath are caused by bacteria, but when that bacteria get out of control, it can be too difficult to manage with typical oral hygiene.

Sometimes, good oral hygiene isn't enough to solve the problem. Bacteria, over time, can get into hard-to-reach places where flossing, tongue scraping and brushing alone may not completely solve the issue. In these cases, a professional teeth cleaning may be the answer. It’s also important to look for gum disease, and treat this condition if necessary.

Quality Dental Care can help you determine whether halitosis is the result of oral habits, the need for a cleaning, or a more serious cause. Lifestyle choices can also affect the breath including certain medications or supplements, smoking and alcohol consumption can contribute to dry mouth syndrome called xerostomia which leads to lack of saliva that can cause bad breath.

While you’re visiting Quality Dental Care, we’ll check to ensure that the cause of your bad breath is not cavities, dental abscesses, impacted teeth, gingivitis or other forms of gum disease. Chronic halitosis is a very real condition, for this, there are prescription strength toothpastes, mouthwashes as well as deep cleaning procedures that may be good options to cure halitosis. Contact us today at (904) 364-0333 to schedule a dental consultation.

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"Found Dr. Shiyab on line and decided randomly to give him a call since I had a 45 year old post in a front tooth come loose. Luck for me I called Dr. Shiyab since he did an excellent job. Dr. Shiyab cares for his patients as well as his staff does, and makes sure that the experience is pain free and comfortable. He knows his business and knows what it takes to make a patient happy and comfortable. I highly recommend Dr. Shiyab. I will be referring all of my friends and family to this excellent dentist."

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